Culoe De Song
Webaba EP
  • 18.00 (Ex. VAT)(税抜)
    Catalog No.:カタログNo.:


    【Cover】: Split on front middle right of label sleeve.(first [S] letter) , 【Disc】:Light surface marks almost without affect to play
    Funky minimal track, Early10's deep tech house.
  • Tracklist
    A1 Webaba
    B1 Far Away
    BPM115~129   Funky   Culoe De Song
    Sound clip (Condition Detail):試聴(音質詳細):

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Notation of Condition状態の表記について ※It is just a standard. There may be some errors depending. ※あくまで基準・目安です。ものによって多少の誤差があります。

Sleeve, Jacketスリーブ, カヴァー

Still sealed, and Perfect. No wear, marks, or any other imperfections.未開封、かつ使用感、傷、シミやその他の欠陥なし
A nearly perfect, No creases, folds, seam splits, cut-out holes, or other noticeable similar defects.ほぼ完璧、シワ、折り目、継ぎ目の切れ目または他の明らかな欠陥なし
Slightly scratch, split, tear, write and dent. (80% state of NM)僅かな傷、折り目、裂け、破れ、書き込み、軽い凹みがある。(NMの80%程度)
A few scratches, splits, tears, writes and dent.. cut out hole, cut corner, Small water damaged. (60% state of NM)多少の傷、折り目、裂け、破れ、書き込み、凹みがある。穴、角の変形、僅かなウォーターダメージがある, (NMの60%程度)
A lot of scratches, splits, tears, writes and dent.. cut out holes, cut corners, water damaged. (40% state of NM)たくさんの傷、折り目、裂け、破れ、書き込み、凹みがある。穴、角の変形、ウォーターダメージがある。 (NMの40%程度)
Large scratches, splits, writes, cut out hole, cut corner, water damaged. (20% state of NM)大きな傷、折り目、裂け、破れ、書き込み、凹みがある。穴、角の変形、ウォーターダメージがある。(NMの20%程度)
Barely keeps shape, fully scratches, splits, and writes. (10% state of NM)かろうじて形を保ち、 大きな底抜け、割れ、傷みが随所に見られる, (NMの10%程度)

Media, Vinyl媒体, レコード盤

Still sealed.未開封
A nearly perfect, more than likely never been played, and the vinyl will play perfectly.目立つ傷もない、わずかに使用感がある
Small wear and scratch marks almost without affect to sounds. (80% state of NM)音にはほぼ影響しない摩耗や小さな傷がある, (NMの80%程度)
Some scratch marks that are not so severe as to affect the tracks but contain fine noises. (60% state of NM)曲自体に影響するほどではないが細かいノイズが入る軽度な傷がある, (NMの60%程度)
Some noticeable scratches and noise without skip. (40% state of NM)いくつかの目立つ傷やノイズはあるが針飛びは無い, (NMの40%程度)
A lots of noticeable scratches and noise, possibility of skip. (20% state of NM)たくさんの目立つ傷やノイズがあり針飛びの可能性がある, (NMの20%程度)
The record is cracked, badly warped, and won't play through without skipping or repeating. (10% state of NM)針飛びや欠けなど再生不能な箇所がある, (NMの10%程度)

Post NL - Standard※With Track & Trace, Without Insurance

Zone 1-7 vinyls(2kg) 8-18 vinyls(5kg) 19- vinyls(10kg)
7.25 euros

Post NL - Registered※With Track & Trace & Insurance

Zone 1-7 vinyls(2kg) 8-18 vinyls(5kg) 19- vinyls(10kg)
8.95 euros
Zone2 - Western Europe
Austria, Belgium, Denmark (excl. Greenland and Faroe Islands), France(incl. Corsica en Monaco), Germany, Great Britain, Italy (excl. San Marino, Vatican City), Luxembourg, Spain (excl. Can. Islands), Sweden 16.55 euros 23.30 euros 29.00 euros
Zone3 - Rest of Europe
Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Vatican City 22.25 euros 29.00 euros 35.20 euros
Zone4 - Other countries
Afghanistan, Algeria, American Virgin Islands, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, British Indian Ocean Territory, Brunei Darussalam, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada,Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Central African Rep., Chad, Chile, China (excl. Hong Kong and Macao), Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Falkland Islands, Fiji, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Macau, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Martinique, Mauretania, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Mongolia, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Pitcairn Islands, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Reunion, Russia, Rwanda, Saint Helena, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent & Gren., Samoa, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Tuvalu, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, British, Virgin Islands, U.s, Wallis and Futuna, Zambia, Zimbabwe 28.25 euros 38.60 euros 63.45 euros

DHL - Standard※With Track & Trace, Without Insurance

Zone 1-7 vinyls(2kg) 8-18 vinyls(5kg) 19- vinyls(10kg)
6.50 euros

DHL - Registered※With Track & Trace & Insurance

Zone 1-7 vinyls(2kg) 8-18 vinyls(5kg) 19- vinyls(10kg)
8.00 euros
Zone2 - Western Europe
Belgium 12.15 euros 14.25 euros 16.30 euros
United Kingdom 10.90 euros 14.25 euros 19.15 euros
Austria, Denmark, France (incl. Corsica), Germany, Italy, Sweden 10.90 euros 19.15 euros 23.30 euros
Zone3 - Rest of Europe
Finland, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Spain 12.95 euros 19.15 euros 23.30 euros
Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey 17.10 euros 23.30 euros 29.50 euros
Zone4 - Other countries
Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Faroe Islands, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Israel, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritius, Mongolia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Korea, Syria, Tunisia, United States 25.35 euros 33.65 euros 54.35 euros

Information (Terms & conditions)特定商取引法に基づく表記

Dealer (Data collector)販売業者 (情報収集業者) EmpyreanislesEmpyrean isles
Administrator運営責任者 井上 洋介Yosuke Inoue
Address住所 Den Haag, Netherlands
Email addressEメールアドレス contact@empyreanisles.chillout.jp
URL https://empyreanisles.com/
商品以外の必要代金Required cost expect the products

必要に応じて、送料、手数料と消費税がかかります。As required, postage, charge and VAT will be charged.

■手数料について■About charge
・一度に配送する商品の合計金額が、€8.00以下の場合は梱包用資材代(段ボール)を別途€1.00を手数料に追加します。・If the total amount of the products to be delivered at the same time is 8.00 euro or less, I will add to charge €1.00 for the material(cardboard) of package.
■消費税について - すべての注文はオランダの付加価値税を適用します。■About VAT(Value-added tax) - All orders takes VAT of the Netherlands.
注文方法How to order 注文には会員登録が必要です。Create account is required to order.
[注文方法について]を確認ください。Please check [how to order].
支払方法Payment Method
銀行振込Bank Transfer
支払期限Due date for payment 注文確定より7日以内に代金を支払いください。Within 7 days from order confirmation mail.
※確認できない場合は、注文をキャンセルします。※If I can't confirm, cancel the order.
引き渡し時期Delivery time 注文確認後、当店より注文確定メールを送ります。After I accept the order, I will send an order confirmation email from Empyrean isles.
支払いを確認して、商品を発送します。Also, I will send the package after I confirm your payment.
返品・交換についてAbout returned items / refund
返送された場合Sending back items.
If the package I sent was returned to me, I will deduct the handling fee(€1.50) and postage from the total amount and refund the rest.
In case of resend a package you will pay a postage again.
不良品の返品についてReturn of defective item.
商品の説明と相違がある場合のみ、返品のうえ返金をします。Only when there are defects or differences in items, I accept returns of items and refund.
以下の場合は返品をお受けできませんので、注意してください。In the following cases I can not accept returns, please be careful.
・使用済み、あるいは手直しされた商品・Used or reworked items

・お客様のもとでニオイが付着したり、汚れ、キズが生じた商品・Items that cause smells to adhere, dirt, scratches by customers.
商品を当事業所に返送いただき到着後、振込完了まで5営業日(銀行)程度の時間をいただきます。After you return the product and it arrives at my office, I will have about 5 business days (bank) time to complete the transfer.

Please check [Faq] for more information also other matters. Please [Contact] if you have any questions.その他の事項、また詳しくは[Faq]を確認ください。さらに不明な点等ありましたら[Contact]にて問い合わせください。

Privacy policyプライバシーポリシー

Empyrean islesは、個人情報保護の重要性に鑑み、「個人情報の保護に関する法律」及び本プライバシーポリシーを遵守し、お客さまのプライバシー保護に努めます。Empyrean isles is in light of the importance of protecting personal information, I will comply with the "General Data Protection Regulation" and this Privacy Policy and strive to protect the privacy of my customers.


個人情報の定義Definition of personal information

お客さま個人に関する情報(以下「個人情報」といいます)であって、お客さまの名前、住所、電話番号など当該お客さま個人を識別することができる情報をさします。他の情報と組み合わせて照合することにより個人を識別することができる情報も含まれます。Personally identifiable information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") refers to information that can identify the customer, such as the customer's name, address, and telephone number. It also includes information that can identify individuals by matching with other information.

1. 個人情報の管理者Manager of personal information

提供された個人情報またはEmpyrean islesにより収集された個人情報は、Empyrean islesが管理します。A personal information managed or personal information collected by Empyrean isles is managed by Empyrean isles.

2. 収集する情報Information to Collect

利用者から集めた情報は、Empyrean islesがインターネットを通じて提供するサービスのためにのみ使用します。Empyrean islesは、利用者の個人情報を、注文の処理、商品の配送やサービス、注文・決済の処理、販売促進、利用者の要望への対応、サービスの案内などの目的のために利用いたします。また、利用者の個人情報は、Empyrean islesのサービス向上のためのほか、詐欺やウェブサイトの悪用を検知・防止するためにも利用されます。更に、第三者に業務委託して業務を代行させる場合にも利用されることがあります。使用する第三者データコレクターの詳細については、以下の第三者の段落をお読みください。The information gathered from users is used only for the services Empyrean isles provides through the Internet. Empyrean isles will use the personal information of the user for the purpose such as order processing, delivery and service of goods, processing of ordering and settlement, promotion, correspondence to the needs of users, guidance of services, etc. In addition to improving the service of Empyrean isles, the user's personal information is also used to detect and prevent fraud and website misuse. In addition, it may be used when delegating business to a third party to make the business substitute. For more information about the third party data collectors I use, please read the paragraph Third Party down below.


収集する情報には以下のものが含まれます。The information to be collected includes follow matters.


利用者が入力などにより提供した情報Information provided by the user through input etc.

住所、氏名、電話番号などアカウント作成、支払・配送情報として提供が必要なもの。注文履歴のデータ、あなたの前払い注文品とあなたの個人的なお気に入りリスト。サイト利用時に自動的に受け取る情報Addresses, names, telephone numbers etc. that need to be provided as account creation and payment/delivery information. Data of your order history, your pre- and backordered items and your personal favorite list. Information to be automatically received when using this site


EメールアドレスEmail Address

アカウント作成、利用者登録時などにEメールアドレスを登録いただいた方にはEmpyrean islesよりお知らせを送信することを予定しています。Empyrean islesからのEメール、またはその他のメールによる情報の受け取りを希望されない場合は、別途記載する方法にしたがってください。I am planning to send notification from Empyrean isles to those who registered e-mail address, such as account creation and user registration. If you do not wish to receive emails from Empyrean isles or other e-mails, please follow the method described separately.


Empyrean islesは、正当な目的を果たす限り利用者の情報を保管しておきます。データを変更または完全に削除したい場合は、下記の連絡先から連絡を取ってください。Empyrean isles will keep your information stored as long as it serves it rightfull purpose. If you want to change or permanently delete your data, please get in touch via the contact information further below.

3. クッキーCookies

Empyrean islesではIPアドレスのほかcookieを使用して、ある特定の情報を受け取る場合があります。ブラウザの設定によって、これをブロックすることが可能ですが、サービスの一部を利用できなくなる場合があります。Empyrean isles may receive certain information using cookies as well as IP addresses. Depending on browser settings, it is possible to block this, but you may not be able to use some of the services.

Disable cookies in Google Chrome Disable cookies in Google Chrome

Disable cookies in Mozilla Firefox Disable cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Disable cookies in Internet Explorer Disable cookies in Internet Explorer

Disable cookies in Safari Disable cookies in Safari

4. データセキュリティData security

Empyrean islesは、あなたの登録時に記入した情報を保存するためにMySQLデータベースを使用します。このデータベースは暗号化されており管理者のみがアクセスできます。私たちの専用サーバーは、Webホストによって監視され、ファイアウォールで保護されています。Empyrean isles use a MySQL database to store the information you filled in at your registration. This database is encrypted and only accessible to our employees. Our dedicated server is monitored by our webhoster and secured by a firewall.

5. サービス提供に関する第三者Third party for service provision

Empyrean islesは、業務の一部を他社、または個人に委託しています。委託業務には、注文処理、支払い処理、商品の配送、郵便物やEメールの送付、データの分析、マーケティング、カスタマーサービスなどが含まれます。代行業者も、上記の業務を遂行するために必要な個人情報を利用しますが、それ以外の目的で利用することはありません。Empyrean isles outsource some of the work to other companies or individuals. Outsourcing includes order processing, payment, delivery of goods, sending of mail and e-mail, analysis of data, processing of marketing, customer service and so on. Agents also use the personal information necessary to carry out the above-mentioned work, but do not use it for other purposes.



注文の支払方法でペイパルを選択した場合に、決済処理のため顧客の入力情報の一部を使用します。If you select PayPal as the payment method for the order, use some of the customer's input information for payment processing.


Post NLおよび各国の提携配送業者Post NL and international alliance partners

注文の配送のため顧客の入力情報の一部を使用します。Use some of the customer's input information for order delivery.


DHLおよび各国の提携配送業者DHL and international alliance partners

注文の配送のため顧客の入力情報の一部を使用します。Use some of the customer's input information for order delivery.


6. Empyrean islesおよびその他の保護Empyrean isles and other protection

Empyrean islesは情報の開示が、各種法令の遵守あるいは関係者の権利、財産、安全の保護のために適切であると判断した場合に、法律に従いアカウントおよびその他の個人情報を開示します。これには詐欺被害および信用リスク対策のために行われる、企業やその他の組織との情報交換も含まれます。また、警察、裁判所などの公的機関からの要請があった場合にも、法律に従い必要な情報を開示することがあります。Empyrean isles will disclose accounts and other personal information in accordance with the law in the event that the disclosure of information is deemed appropriate for compliance with various laws and regulations or for the protection of the rights, property and safety of stakeholders. This includes information exchanges with companies and other organizations that are conducted for fraud damage and countermeasures against credit risk. Also, we may disclose necessary information in accordance with the law, even when requested by a public institution such as the police, the court, etc.

その他、利用者に関する情報が第三者に渡る可能性がある場合、Empyrean islesは、その旨を情報主体者へお知らせすることとします。In addition, Empyrean isles will notify the information owner to that effect if there is a possibility that the information on the user may go to a third party.

7. 個人情報の安全性Safety of personal information

利用者の情報が送信される際のセキュリティのために、Empyrean islesでは、SSL(Secure Socket Layer)というソフトウェアを使って、入力された情報を暗号化します。不正なアクセスからパスワードやコンピュータを保護するために、他人と共用しているコンピュータを使い終ったときには、必ずログアウトしていただくようお願いします。For security when user information is sent, Empyrean isles encrypts entered information using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) software. In order to protect your password and computer from unauthorized access, when you finish using a computer shared with other people, please be sure to logout.

8. 情報へのアクセスAccess to information

Empyrean islesは、利用者のアカウントおよびEmpyrean islesとの交信履歴に関する幅広い情報について、利用者が確認し、場合によっては更新するという目的に限り、アクセスすることを許可します。アクセス可能な情報の種類は、Empyrean islesのWebサイトの改変に伴い変更されます。Empyrean isles permits access to a wide range of information on the user's account and Empyrean isles contact history only for the purpose of confirming and possibly updating by the user. The type of information that can be accessed will change as Empyrean isles website changes.

9. 未成年者によるEmpyrean islesの利用Use of Empyrean isles by minors

未成年者は、保護者の了承を得てEmpyrean islesをご利用ください。Minors should obtain Empyrean isles with the consent of their parents.

10. 利用規約とポリシー、およびその改訂Terms of service and policies, and revisions

利用者がEmpyrean islesを利用される場合、その利用に関するあらゆる紛争については、本規約および利用規約(免責事項、紛争および法に関する規定を含む)が適用されます。Empyrean islesにおけるプライバシーに関して懸念・要望がある場合には、連絡ください。Empyrean islesのサービス内容の変更にともない本規約および利用規約もまた変更されますので、サービス利用に際しては最新の内容変更を当サイトで確認くださいますようお願いします。If you useEmpyrean isles, any dispute with respect to its use will be governed by these Terms and Conditions (including disclaimer, disclaimer, dispute and law). If you have concerns or requests concerning privacy in Empyrean isles, please contact me.As this agreement and terms of use change according to the change of service contents of Empyrean isles, please confirm the latest content change on this site when using the service.

Frequently Asked Questions利用ガイド


会員登録 / ログインCreate an account / Login

About create an account会員登録について
Customer who create an account can confirm and edit contents[Information], [Order history list], [Favorite List], [Account Content Change], [Delivery Address Add or Change ], [Refusal] from Mypage.
Also, You can listen out of stock items only when you log in.
Account do not need to any fee at all.
Customer who create an account can use this store by PC and smartphone with one account.
About case of create an account is not possible会員登録ができない場合について
When there is an error in customer's input, please check the error displayed.
If the same mail address is already registered, you can not create a new account.
Please confirm the input information of the customer once again.
About login failureログインができない場合について
If the customer's information is incorrect or has been forgotten.
・If you forget your password, please update your password from 【Forgotten password?】
・If there is an error in the input, Password can not be updated.
・If you forget it please contact me from Contact. Please acknowledge that it takes time to confirm the registration information.
If create an account is not completed, please create an account.
・お客様の入力のパスワードを忘れてしまった場合、右のForgotten password?よりパスワードを再発行してください。
About Delivery address add or change配送先住所の変更・追加について
The delivery address can be changed, and added from My page 【Delivery address add or change】.
By registering multiple delivery addresses, customer can select it when ordering.
About change of account information会員情報の変更について
Account information can be changed from My page 【Account content change】.会員情報は、マイページ「会員登録内容変更」より変更できます。
About account refusal退会手続きについて
Customer can unsubscribe from My page 【Refusal】
※It is not possible to confirm the contents of [My page] and order information after unsubscribe.

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How to order item商品の注文方法
Please check how to order.注文の手順は注文方法を確認ください。
About order Used productUSED商品の注文について
Returned item due to customer's convenience can not be accepted after shipping.
Only when the state of the item after delivery is significantly inferior to "explanation", I will respond with refund.
Delivery company's insurance will correspond damage and loss of package being delivered.
I will not cancel or refund orders due to accidents during delivery without insuranse.
Used item is all one-point product, so I will not respond to replacement.I will also not repair.
About product in the cartカート内の商品について
The product will be lost from the cart according to the following cases in this store.
※In either case I will not return the product back into the cart.
・The cart has expired the date.
・In case of hindering purchase of other customers.
・When server error occurred during customer's order.
About order confirmation注文確認について
When the order is accepted from this store, the order number is issued and "order reception mail" is sent from this store to account registered email address.
After order reception, customer can check details of the order, status etc from 【order history】 in my page.
If the order can not be confirmed from 【order history】, the order has not been completed due to the error.
In that case, please order again.
About combine orders注文をまとめる
If there are some orders before shipping, it is possible to combine orders.
※Status update has been delayed and may have already been shipped.
About order cancellation注文取消し
・You can cancel the order before shipping.
・Change to another color/size is possible only when stock exists.
・Cancellation after payment of downloaded goods is not possible.

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About Delivery and Postage配送方法と送料について
The postage is basically the normal rate on PostNL or DHL.
In case of order only the vinyl record, please check [Delivery Method].

送料無料サービス実施中!(DHL、またはPostNLの標準(保証有)による配送)Free shipping!(Registered of DHL, or PostNL)

下記の価格以上のご注文の場合For order over the following cases.

  • Zone1 - Netherlands[€100]
  • Zone2 - Western Europe[€200]
  • Zone3 - Rest of Europe[€300]
  • Zone4 - Other countries[€400]

※該当エリアは上記の価格表にて確認ください。※Please check which area your country belong to at above postage list.

※Post NLの保証有をご希望の場合は、€5.00の追加となります。※If you want to add an insurance(Registered of Post NL), you will be added € 5.00

日本在住の方は、購入済み商品の長期保管も受付します。まとめての発送、帰国(4~6ヵ月に一度を予定)のタイミングでの国内発送(国内の送料を適用)も可能です。注文時にお伝えください。If the delivery address is in the Hague, I can deliver your order directly.(No postage required)

About Payment method and Charge支払方法と手数料について
・Payment charge will be added as follows.支払方法によりそれぞれ下記の手数料がかかります。
銀行振込Bank Transfer

振込先銀行Payee's BankING BankING Bank(NL), 三菱UFJMUFG Bank(Japan), ゆうちょ銀行Japan Post Bank(Japan), Union BankUnion Bank(USA)

支払手数料:なしPayment charge: None

※振込手数料:お客様負担※Transfer charge: Customer

※[トランスファーワイズ]等の送金サービスを利用しての銀行振込もお受けします。(その場合は、振り込みの際の備考欄に注文者名とオーダーIDを記入ください。)※Also, accept transfer using [Transferwise] etc. (money transfer service) in bank transfer. (In that case, fill in the order name and order ID in the mention column when you transfer.)

※[トランスファーワイズ]等の送金サービスの利用方法や問題については対応いたしかねます。※I can't respond to [Transferwise] etc. (money transfer service) usage and problems.



支払手数料:合計の3.4% + €0.35Payment charge: 3.4% for total + €0.35

注文受付後、当店より注文確定とPaypalから請求のメールを送ります。After I confirm the order, I send confirmation email and a invoice email from Paypal.

・If the total of the items to be delivered at the same time is 10.00 euro or less, I will charge 1.00 euro separately for the cardboard fee for packing.
・When add options, an additional charge will be incurred.
About change of payment method支払い方法の変更について
I will accept change of payment method if customer still unpaid even after order confirmation.注文確認後も支払い前であれば支払方法の変更を受け付けます。
About the receipt領収書について
The receipt of the order is delivered together with the package.
The cost of reissuing the receipt is borne by the customer. Please keep it in a safe place.
The registered name is the ordering person. It can not be changed.

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About delivery method発送方法について
I will send ordered items using 【DHL】 or 【PostNL】.
※If you would like other delivery company, please contact me before order.
About Unregistered shipping補償・追跡無しの配送について
In the case of delivery hope with unregistered shipping, you can not receive compensation for package by delivery accident (lost / damaged etc.).
Only accept payment by bank transfer. However, Not recommend.
About the delivery date配送までにかかる日数について
Usually, after payment is confirmed, I will ship within 2 business days.
※Please note that temporary closure will temporarily stop shipping.
About delivery date specified配達の日時指定について
Specified of the delivery date is basically not accepted.
Also, there may be a delay from schedule.
About delivery to multiple複数の配送先への配送について
If you wish to deliver to multiple destination, the postage will be charged separately.
When ordering, Please tell that from 【Mention】.

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返品 / 返金Return / Refund

About the return of items商品の返品について
Only when there are defects or differences in items, I accept returns of items and refund.
In the following cases I can not accept returns, please be careful.
·Damage to package being delivered or lost.
· Used or reworked items
·Items that cause smells to adhere, dirt, scratches by customers.
·The returned items (including boxes and accessories) are significantly different from the delivery.
About refund返金方法について
Sending back items.
If the package I sent was returned to me, I will deduct the handling fee(€1.50) and postage from the total amount and refund the rest.
In case of resend a package you will pay a postage again.
Return of defective item.
Only when there are defects or differences in items, I accept returns of items and refund.
In the following cases I can not accept returns, please be careful.
・Damage to package being delivered or lost without insurance.
・Used or reworked items

・Items that cause smells to adhere, dirt, scratches by customers.
After you return the item and it arrives at my office, I will have about 5 business days (bank) time to complete the transfer.
In the case, please tell me with the bank account information which you wishes to make the transfer.
※There are banks that can not refund partially.
※If there is no refund even if 5 business days from return, please contact.

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プライバシー / 保証Privacy / Security

About privacy policy (GDPR)個人情報保護方針について
handle strictly personal informationFor details, please check Privacy Policy.お客様から預かる個人情報を厳重に取り扱っています。詳しくは、プライバシーポリシーを確認ください。

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各種サービスOther services

About stock status of item在庫状況について
Item on this site are sold in common with other markets.
I will adjust the stock during early, but there may be out of stock after your order.
I am not responsible for secondary loss in the case of no stock.
※Although it is possible to ship combine with the items purchased at other markets, it will be excluded from the discount service in this site.
About business hours営業時間について
This site can be used seven days a week.
The correspondence of ordering and inquiries etc is basically done at 11-18 o'clock on weekdays. (All times are in CET, Except in the case of New Year's holidays or temporary closure)
※It takes a while to respond to inquiries etc.
About listen to sound clip試聴について
You can listen by clicking the blue play mark of each item.
The sound clip will be recorded directly from each item. Please use it to confirm the condition.
Since it is compressed to MP3 / 64 kbps, it is somewhat different from the actual sound.
For sold out items, you can listen only when you login as an account.
※In rare cases, there are errors in data conversion, and some sound skipping occurs. This has nothing to do with quality. If you notice it, I will repair as soon as you can contact me.
About item price商品の価格について
All prices displayed on the top page, product list, details page are without tax.
The price including tax is displayed on the cart page at the time of customer login or order confirmation page.
VAT will only be added to orders from within the EU.
Please check here about VAT.
Tariffs in the destination country are not included.
About Discount Coupon割引クーポン配布について
When ordering, entering the coupon code will discount the order.
※Applicable only when [Use the coupon] is selected and input. It does not apply if you just have it.
I give discount coupons that can be used for orders of more than 40 euros next time to those who have made shopping. We will inform you of the coupon code of 【10% off】 when shipping items.
※The expiration date of the coupon is one month. It will be usable as many times as long as it is within the period. It will be discounted from the selling price (ex VAT) for all items.
※In the case of keep order using coupons, it applies to the total item price of the orders.
About Used item specifications / stateUSED商品の仕様・状態について
Condition of Used item is stated in each product details page. please check it.
For the notation of the condition, please check Condition guide.
The condition of the media is mainly evaluated with emphasis on sound quality.
Labels or generic sleeves will not be subject to condition evaluation.
About item image商品の画像について
The image of the item will cause some errors in color etc. depending on the environment and setting of use.
In addition, please check the image of the item detail page for the condition.
About gift wrappingギフトの包装について
I do not provide services such as gift wrapping and removing the price tag.ギフトラッピング、値札を取り除くなどのサービスはしていません。

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How to order注文方法について

This store doesn't pay on the site. After confirming the contents, I will conduct the transaction by email.当店はサイト内での支払いは行いません。 注文受付後にメールにて内容確認のうえ取引を行います。

1) Check the details of the item you want and put it in the shopping cart.購入したい商品の詳細を確認してショッピングカートに入れます。

※You can't order a downloading and a normal item at the same time. Please order it separately. But, You can pay in a mass.※システムの都合上、現物商品とダウンロード商品の同時購入はできません。別々に注文ください。支払いをまとめられます。

item detail

2) If you order the items after confirm it in a cart, you click 「Buystep」 button in the cart page.カート内を確認のうえ、「Buystep」をクリックします。

shopping cart

3) Please choose 「Create an account」, or 「login」.「ログイン」または「会員登録をする」のいずれかを選択ください。

※Account registration is required for ordering.※システムの都合上、ご注文には会員登録が必須となります。

order entry

4) Please choose your delivery address. and click 「Next」.登録している配送先からいずれかを選択し、「Next」をクリックします。

delivery select

5) Please choose a delivery and a payment method. and click 「Next」.配送方法と支払い方法を選択し、「Next」をクリックします。

payment select

6) Please click 「Order Complete」, if your input contents are alright.注文内容を確認のうえ、「Order Complete」をクリックし、注文完了となります。


7) Your order reception has been completed. and [An order reception] email arrives your email address registered from Empyrean isles.登録したメールアドレスへEmpyrean islesより[注文受付]のメールが届きます。

※You can confirm the order at "the order history" of My page.※「注文履歴」より注文の有無を確認できます。

※I send an email to your email address registered.※メールは本登録アドレスに配信します。

※Please set domain incoming permission from [empyreanisles.chillout.jp].※注文時に携帯メールアドレスを入力する場合、[empyreanisles.chillout.jp]からのドメイン着信許可を設定してください。

※When you can't confirm an order reception email, an order may not receipt by an error.※メールが確認できない場合は、エラーにより注文が確定していない可能性があります。


About contacts after the order reception注文受付後の対応について

An email of [The order confirmation] email arrives from Empyrean isles after I confirm your order. こちらで注文内容を確認した後、Empyrean islesより[注文確認]のメールが届きます。

※I send a invoice, If you choose Paypal payment. Please check a paypal ID to sender. My account: info@empyreanisles.chillout.jp※Paypal支払いの場合は請求書を送ります。 Paypalアカウントの確認をお願いします。 アカウントは、info@empyreanisles.chillout.jp になります。

Please you pay a invoice, if you are alright.問題がなければ指定先に入金または支払をします。

After I confirm your payment, I send out a package.入金を確認次第に商品を発送します。