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会員登録 / ログインCreate an account / Login

About create an account会員登録について
Customer who create an account can confirm and edit contents[Information], [Order history list], [Favorite List], [Account Content Change], [Delivery Address Add or Change ], [Refusal] from Mypage.
Also, You can listen out of stock items only when you log in.
Account do not need to any fee at all.
Customer who create an account can use this store by PC and smartphone with one account.
About case of create an account is not possible会員登録ができない場合について
When there is an error in customer's input, please check the error displayed.
If the same mail address is already registered, you can not create a new account.
Please confirm the input information of the customer once again.
About login failureログインができない場合について
If the customer's information is incorrect or has been forgotten.
・If you forget your password, please update your password from 【Forgotten password?】
・If there is an error in the input, Password can not be updated.
・If you forget it please contact me from Contact. Please acknowledge that it takes time to confirm the registration information.
If create an account is not completed, please create an account.
・お客様の入力のパスワードを忘れてしまった場合、右のForgotten password?よりパスワードを再発行してください。
About Delivery address add or change配送先住所の変更・追加について
The delivery address can be changed, and added from My page 【Delivery address add or change】.
By registering multiple delivery addresses, customer can select it when ordering.
About change of account information会員情報の変更について
Account information can be changed from My page 【Account content change】.会員情報は、マイページ「会員登録内容変更」より変更できます。
About account refusal退会手続きについて
Customer can unsubscribe from My page 【Refusal】
※It is not possible to confirm the contents of [My page] and order information after unsubscribe.


How to order item商品の注文方法
Please check how to order.注文の手順は注文方法を確認ください。
About order Used productUSED商品の注文について
Returned item due to customer's convenience can not be accepted after shipping.
Only when the state of the item after delivery is significantly inferior to "explanation", I will respond with refund.
Delivery company's insurance will correspond damage and loss of package being delivered.
I will not cancel or refund orders due to accidents during delivery without insuranse.
Used item is all one-point product, so I will not respond to replacement.I will also not repair.
About product in the cartカート内の商品について
The product will be lost from the cart according to the following cases in this store.
※In either case I will not return the product back into the cart.
・The cart has expired the date.
・In case of hindering purchase of other customers.
・When server error occurred during customer's order.
About order confirmation注文確認について
When the order is accepted from this store, the order number is issued and "order reception mail" is sent from this store to account registered email address.
After order reception, customer can check details of the order, status etc from 【order history】 in my page.
If the order can not be confirmed from 【order history】, the order has not been completed due to the error.
In that case, please order again.
About combine orders注文をまとめる
If there are some orders before shipping, it is possible to combine orders.
※Status update has been delayed and may have already been shipped.
About order cancellation注文取消し
・You can cancel the order before shipping.
・Change to another color/size is possible only when stock exists.
・Cancellation after payment of downloaded goods is not possible.


About Delivery and Postage配送方法と送料について
The postage is basically the normal rate on PostNL or DHL.
In case of order only the vinyl record, please check postage list.

送料無料サービス実施中!(DHL、またはPostNLの標準(保証有)による配送)Free shipping!(Registered of DHL, or PostNL)

下記の価格以上のご注文の場合For order over the following cases.

  • Zone1 - Netherlands[€100]
  • Zone2 - Western Europe[€200]
  • Zone3 - Rest of Europe[€300]
  • Zone4 - Other countries[€400]

※該当エリアは上記の価格表にて確認ください。※Please check which area your country belong to at above postage list.

※Post NLの保証有をご希望の場合は、€5.00の追加となります。※If you want to add an insurance(Registered of Post NL), you will be added € 5.00

日本在住の方は、購入済み商品の長期保管も受付します。まとめての発送、帰国(4~6ヵ月に一度を予定)のタイミングでの国内発送(国内の送料を適用)も可能です。注文時にお伝えください。If the delivery address is in the Hague, I can deliver your order directly.(No postage required)

About Payment method and Charge支払方法と手数料について
・Payment charge will be added as follows.支払方法によりそれぞれ下記の手数料がかかります。
銀行振込Bank Transfer

振込先銀行Payee's BankING BankING Bank(NL), 三菱UFJMUFG Bank(Japan), ゆうちょ銀行Japan Post Bank(Japan), Union BankUnion Bank(USA)

支払手数料:なしPayment charge: None

※振込手数料:お客様負担※Transfer charge: Customer

※[トランスファーワイズ]等の送金サービスを利用しての銀行振込もお受けします。(その場合は、振り込みの際の備考欄に注文者名とオーダーIDを記入ください。)※Also, accept transfer using [Transferwise] etc. (money transfer service) in bank transfer. (In that case, fill in the order name and order ID in the mention column when you transfer.)

※[トランスファーワイズ]等の送金サービスの利用方法や問題については対応いたしかねます。※I can't respond to [Transferwise] etc. (money transfer service) usage and problems.



支払手数料:合計の3.4% + €0.35Payment charge: 3.4% for total + €0.35

注文受付後、当店より注文確定とPaypalから請求のメールを送ります。After I confirm the order, I send confirmation email and a invoice email from Paypal.

・If the total of the items to be delivered at the same time is 10.00 euro or less, I will charge 1.00 euro separately for the cardboard fee for packing.
・When add options, an additional charge will be incurred.
About change of payment method支払い方法の変更について
I will accept change of payment method if customer still unpaid even after order confirmation.注文確認後も支払い前であれば支払方法の変更を受け付けます。
About the receipt領収書について
The receipt of the order is delivered together with the package.
The cost of reissuing the receipt is borne by the customer. Please keep it in a safe place.
The registered name is the ordering person. It can not be changed.


About delivery method発送方法について
I will send ordered items using 【DHL】 or 【PostNL】.
※If you would like other delivery company, please contact me before order.
About Unregistered shipping補償・追跡無しの配送について
In the case of delivery hope with unregistered shipping, you can not receive compensation for package by delivery accident (lost / damaged etc.).
Only accept payment by bank transfer. However, Not recommend.
About the delivery date配送までにかかる日数について
Usually, after payment is confirmed, I will ship within 2 business days.
※Please note that temporary closure will temporarily stop shipping.
About delivery date specified配達の日時指定について
Specified of the delivery date is basically not accepted.
Also, there may be a delay from schedule.
About delivery to multiple複数の配送先への配送について
If you wish to deliver to multiple destination, the postage will be charged separately.
When ordering, Please tell that from 【Mention】.

返品 / 返金Return / Refund

About the return of items商品の返品について
Only when there are defects or differences in items, I accept returns of items and refund.
In the following cases I can not accept returns, please be careful.
·Damage to package being delivered or lost.
· Used or reworked items
·Items that cause smells to adhere, dirt, scratches by customers.
·The returned items (including boxes and accessories) are significantly different from the delivery.
About refund返金方法について
Sending back items.
If the package I sent was returned to me, I will deduct the handling fee(€1.50) and postage from the total amount and refund the rest.
In case of resend a package you will pay a postage again.
Return of defective item.
Only when there are defects or differences in items, I accept returns of items and refund.
In the following cases I can not accept returns, please be careful.
・Damage to package being delivered or lost without insurance.
・Used or reworked items

・Items that cause smells to adhere, dirt, scratches by customers.
After you return the item and it arrives at my office, I will have about 5 business days (bank) time to complete the transfer.
In the case, please tell me with the bank account information which you wishes to make the transfer.
※There are banks that can not refund partially.
※If there is no refund even if 5 business days from return, please contact.

プライバシー / 保証Privacy / Security

About privacy policy (GDPR)個人情報保護方針について
I stipulate the "privacy policy" and handle strictly personal information I keep from customers.
For details, please check 【Privacy Policy】.

各種サービスOther services

About stock status of item在庫状況について
Item on this site are sold in common with other markets.
I will adjust the stock during early, but there may be out of stock after your order.
I am not responsible for secondary loss in the case of no stock.
※Although it is possible to ship combine with the items purchased at other markets, it will be excluded from the discount service in this site.
About business hours営業時間について
This site can be used seven days a week.
The correspondence of ordering and inquiries etc is basically done at 11-18 o'clock on weekdays. (All times are in CET, Except in the case of New Year's holidays or temporary closure)
※It takes a while to respond to inquiries etc.
About listen to sound clip試聴について
You can listen by clicking the blue play mark of each item.
The sound clip will be recorded directly from each item. Please use it to confirm the condition.
Since it is compressed to MP3 / 64 kbps, it is somewhat different from the actual sound.
For sold out items, you can listen only when you login as an account.
※In rare cases, there are errors in data conversion, and some sound skipping occurs. This has nothing to do with quality. If you notice it, I will repair as soon as you can contact me.
About item price商品の価格について
All prices displayed on the top page, product list, details page are without tax.
The price including tax is displayed on the cart page at the time of customer login or order confirmation page.
VAT will only be added to orders from within the EU.
Please check here about VAT.
Tariffs in the destination country are not included.
About Discount Coupon割引クーポン配布について
When ordering, entering the coupon code will discount the order.
※Applicable only when [Use the coupon] is selected and input. It does not apply if you just have it.
I give discount coupons that can be used for orders of more than 40 euros next time to those who have made shopping. We will inform you of the coupon code of 【10% off】 when shipping items.
※The expiration date of the coupon is one month. It will be usable as many times as long as it is within the period. It will be discounted from the selling price (ex VAT) for all items.
※In the case of keep order using coupons, it applies to the total item price of the orders.
About Used item specifications / stateUSED商品の仕様・状態について
Condition of Used item is stated in each product details page. please check it.
For the notation of the condition, please check the Condition guide.
The condition of the media is mainly evaluated with emphasis on sound quality.
Labels or generic sleeves will not be subject to condition evaluation.
About item image商品の画像について
The image of the item will cause some errors in color etc. depending on the environment and setting of use.
In addition, please check the image of the item detail page for the condition.
About gift wrappingギフトの包装について
I do not provide services such as gift wrapping and removing the price tag.ギフトラッピング、値札を取り除くなどのサービスはしていません。